Monday, July 13, 2009

The Fast-Paced City Life of Lima

Hi everybody, it's me — Katie.

I'm here in Lima, Peru, where the weather is cool, the language is FAST, and the food is amazing!! I'm from a small town back home, so this fast-paced crazy city life is a little overwhelming at first. But, I'm getting there! Lima is a beautiful city with lots of old architecture and statues — there is SO much history here.

The people are very understanding with language blunders, which is good because I have made a few. I told a man that I had fat eyes, which was not at all what I was trying to say. We straightened things out and had a good laugh about it, so it was worth it!

We are learning the city by walking around and taking taxis and buses. I must say if you are ever in a foreign country, try to take a taxi because it is something you will NEVER forget! Here in Lima I live with a retired professor and his wife. There are three other college girls living here, but I have my own room and bathroom, which makes me pretty lucky. The girls are so nice and are helping with my Spanish. It's so exciting that everything is starting to click into place and the Spanish is spilling out of my mouth faster all the time. It's a weird feeling to hear a foreign language and realize it doesn't sound so foreign anymore, but that's what I'm here for right?

Everything is so busy here, but I guess that's mostly just how things go outside of my quiet little life. I'm learning so much about how different parts of the world work. It's a very different life here, but I am loving every minute and trying not to miss anything. I will let ya'll go for now, but there will be more to follow!!


* Katelyn is participating in a study abroad program in Lima Peru, organized by Valdosta State University's International Programs and Modern and Classical Languages.

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Laurie said...

Saw you on a horse :) - glad the language is flowing out of you - love the 'fat eyes' story
be well