Thursday, August 12, 2010

Characters - my final

Another idea for a theme was characters, like something from a fairy tale (I even wrote a fairy tale to go along with it):

Once upon a time there was an evil ice witch who owned all of the lands. She turned any vibrance to grey and any softness to worry. She traveled all over embracing the souls of nomads, attempting to steal away their glee and turning them into emotionless droids doomed to walk around smile-less forever. The witch captured the innocent souls with her beauty and drew in unsuspecting innocent victims and made them her slaves. She even shook hands with death and sent him into the world in true form. The princess of Givery, however, was aware of the evil Ice witch’s wrong doings and she was set out to change the cold and colorless air back to beauty. The Princess of Giverny conspired with her renaissance princess of Brittany to take back over the world.

In order to turn the world back to good, the princesses had to unleash the all-knowing jungle cat who would have to spread the word through music. Aladdin’s distant cousin, Alardirean, began his deep breathing and exhaling into the special pipe that would send vibrations through the grounds of the earth to key point people. The vibrations traveled through cellphones and words, unknowingly to all it touched, began to cancel out the witches spell. The vibrations quickly made their way back to the malevolent witch herself, and in turn, forced the evil witch to smile. From then on, the ice witch was doomed to smile for all eternity, and thus created an uprising of happiness in all of the nomads. The world lived happily ever after.

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