Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quasimodo and Picasso!

The best part about being here is being able to go to the Notre Dame anytime you want. I’ve been inside many times —for pictures and once for watching an organ concert. Today I went there to go to the top to see Quasimodo! I climbed so many stairs today I couldn't even count them. And they were spiral stairs, so when you look down while you’re walking up, it just feels like you are going in a circle. Once I made it to the top, I got to experience an awesome view of Paris — one of the best. I also got to make some friends with some awesome gargoyles. I loved being able to see where the famous hunchback resided and performed his bell tolling duties.

Later today… I climbed yet another copious amount of stairs. My photography class went to the 'Arc de Triomphe in order to take night photos. We made it to the top, I broke open my bag to eat a sandwich and then snapped away at the night lights.

The pompidou was just as intricate inside as it looks on the outside. I can’t even count how many Picasso paintings I got to see! I saw some of the most interesting contemporary and modern art. I would highly recommend anyone to check this museum out… seriously.

You know one of my favorite parts of this city is waking up and walking down the street to the closest bakery and getting the most amazing croissant you’ve ever had in your life and an espresso. Man, its one of the joys in life that I never want to say goodbye to.

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