Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One week left!

Hey! It’s Mallory, again. I can’t believe it is almost here! It is exactly one week until we leave the Atlanta airport and we are on our way to Germany. I feel like I have been planning this trip for months, and it is finally time to have fun! I have been so busy these past few weeks booking and planning our trips for the weekends. We get four full weekends to do whatever we want in Europe. We get out of classes every week on Thursday afternoons and we don’t have to be back for class until Monday mornings.

We are planning to go to Munich the first weekend, London the second weekend, Rome the third weekend, and Paris the fourth weekend. We have been using Ryan Air ( to book our flights to London and Rome. Ryan Air offers some really cheap flights! We booked our round trip tickets to London and Rome for about $100 a trip. We will be taking the Eurail ( to get to Munich and Paris. We are allotted 8 days on our Eurail passes, which were included in our study abroad packages, so these trips won’t cost anything!

We have also already booked our hostels in each city. We will be staying at the Euro Youth Hostel in Munich, which was recommended to us by the study abroad group that went last year. They said they absolutely loved it! I hope we get the same experience they did! The hostel we booked in London I found on It’s called the “Bestplace in Waterloo.” It had very high approval ratings and the previous customer comments looked pretty good. When we go to Rome, we will be staying in another hostel that the group from last year recommended, the Alessandro Downtown Hostel. It is located in the downtown Rome. It is very close to all the major attractions we hope to visit while we are there. Dr. Ware and Dr. Droms booked the hostel we will be staying in while we are in Paris. It is called the Fiap hostel ( Dr. Ware has been to Paris many, many times at knows the area like the back of his hands. He is such a knowledgeable person when it comes to Paris and I can’t wait to get there!

Well, the next time I “blog” will be when I am in Germany. Only one week left!

* Mallory is participating in a study abroad program in Karlsruhe, Germany, organized by Valdosta State University's Langdale College of Business Administration and International Programs.

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